Just when things couldn’t get much worse, Lavinia’s clothes caught fire!02-22-17_10-06-57-pm

Akiro acted quickly and extinguished the fire, but not before the stove, counter, and stove hood were blackened beyond recognition.  Not to mention, Lavinia’s clothes.


In an effort to soothe the tension from the crazy day, Akiro and Lavinia headed off to the Romance Festival, where they indulged in Sakura tea and shared a few tender moments.  Lavinia decided to seek help from a higher power and went to the Romance Guru, who informed her not to make any plans in her current relationship because it was  doomed.

Disheartened by this message, the couple went home and shared one more tender moment in the bedroom.  But Lavinia’s conscious weighed heavily.  The day before she had met Don Lothario at a food stand and they had clicked instantly.  Lavinia was confused.  But she decided in the end it was best to end this chapter of her life amicably and so she and Akiro break up.  He moved down the hall in with a fellow neighbor and Lavinia made a decision to move to a different district.