Lavinia Violet was orphaned as an infant, with no memories whatsoever of her parents.  The orphanage she was left at could only tell her that her parents were a sickly couple and had given her up to protect her.  As she grew older and more beautiful, she felt herself drawn to the city of San Myshuno and when she was old enough, she scraped together enough money to purchase an apartment in the Fashion District.  Her new and fabulous address was 21 Chic Street.  With her new fixer-upper apartment, she set to work repainting the faded walls and updating the worn tile.  She installed new bathroom fixtures and purchased a new bedroom set.  With her new furniture in place, she set about finding a job.  What luck that there was an opening in the studio!  Lavinia snatched up a job working the low rungs of the painters’ world and set about creating new art to introduce to the world.